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18th-Dec-2011 12:12 pm - Hujoo Dolls
I cannot believe it... hujoo dolls are actually like wayyy more cheaper than anything else. and they're a korean brand as well...
43.5 cm dana is only 120$ but without face up and everything (so just a blank)

some of the babies or tinies are only 25$ at the cheapest
such as suve apricot <3


and Is

Why didn't I find out about Hujoo dolls earlier D;
7th-Nov-2011 06:01 pm - Not good.
Looking at abjds so much, especially cheap ones, make me really really want one... D:
This is a terrible obsession... $170 will just fly out of my pocket in a jiffy
And my life just happens to be so sad i will never end up getting it :\
6th-Nov-2011 09:50 am - Different from before
Reading my old posts, I have changed so much from before!
I think i'm less bitchy, or i like don't share it so much xD
And i think i have like this weird positive attitude thing :O
I think i might have problems
or like a mood disorder
there are like so many people i know
who might have a mood disorder D:
6th-Nov-2011 09:45 am - Crazy layouting
OMG! I have figured out why the layout and fonts and stuff stuffed up in the two posts before... 
if i format anything in the post (i think) it stuffs up everything.
Like the posts are formatted to center... so that's kinda stuffed up...
but then even after i put it back to like align left, it's still stuffed up, because I've changed it a bit before... D:
6th-Nov-2011 09:42 am - Decision making time!!
Apparently, there are less expensive dolls on abio angel dolls, but sadly, they're on hiatus :O NOOOOES... but i had a look at their dolls, and they look... alright? i don't know, i think i probably don't like them as much as the ones i've found xP

onto my decisions muahahhahah
at 43cm, i'd pick ya from resinsoul <3
approx. 30cm, dollmore donas 
27cm - isabella
tinies - xi from angel of dreams
or lucky from bobobie (which is so much cheaper than xi from angel of dreams!!!)

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